n (tech)

The application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry.

n (dharma)

Essential quality, virtue or character, as of the universe or one’s own nature.


a new breed of innovation consultancy


We develop creative websites, web applications, mobile apps and custom applications that elicit smiles, create surprise and deliver more than expected. From vision to production. TechDharma can help. Play Video


Web Product Development

Do you have an app idea in mind but no means to bring this idea to fruitition? Are you looking for a dependable application development company who will be able to translate your vision into reality? Look no further, TechDharma is the company for you.

Mobile and Progressive Web App Development

If you’re looking to develop an app then TechDharma is the mobile app development company for you. What makes us special is that we not only develop apps for mobiles but also create progressive web apps that can be accessed from a variety of devices.

Software Re-engineering

Don’t want to ditch legacy applications used by your company but need to repurpose them and bring them to speed with the current times? We, at TechDharma, can help you. If you’re dissatisfied with the lack of profitable results from your old and trusted web applications...

Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality

TechDharma will help you with your augmented reality development needs. Augmented Reality has traversed video games to enter into the realm of corporate verticals. It has changed the way companies do business. It simulates real-time environment...

case studies

Bringing People Together

See Around App

A revolutionary app that will bring people together to exchange their time, passion, creative and innovative ideas among others. Discover all happenings near you like concerts, festivals, yoga classes, holiday events on New Year’s Eve or Halloween and networking events. The final result was a light but extensive tracking app called SeeAround that provided the ability to track private events, Large events, artists and their events, and beyond. The final app included: The ability to schedule private events and invite friends/family members. The ability to keep a track of events you have attended, attending and invited. Easy push notifications signaling events in the area. An easy way to buy tickets with Paypal and check out on your mobile phones.


industry focus

Technology Solutions for Non Profits

Do you run a non-profit organization and need IT solutions to strengthen your operations? TechDharma is here to help! Technology will significantly improve your not-for-profit's service delivery, outreach, communication, and fundraising processes. Unlike other professional sectors, non-profits do not take to technological solutions very easily. However, you can stand to benefit a lot from leveraging up and coming technologies in cloud computing, mobile apps, social media, and web development. We can align your social objective with the tech solutions we design to give your non-profit the social recognition it deserves.

Payment Processing

At TechDharma, we understand the role convenience plays in a purchase. The customer wants to have a range of payment options available to them. If they do not have sufficient balance in their credit card, they’d like to use their debit card. If their debit card is declined for any reason, they’d choose to pay via mobile wallet. In order to retain your customer, you must provide them with these different payment options so they can choose the one they’re most comfortable with. TechDharma not only offer credit and debit card payment processing but also mobile wallet, mobile payment, and e-banking facilities. If one way doesn’t work, they can always opt for another! We’ll make your customers spoileed for choice... and why not?

our technologies

TechDharma brings to you an assortment of tech-related solutions and improves business processes to help your company maximize profit. If you are using outdated software to communicate with your network, we tend to this too. We will use the latest advancements in technology to update your backward software and design business processes modeled after industry bigwigs. Our capacity for research and knowledge about industry best practices will leave you impressed.