about us

Who We Are

dhar-ma: [där-muh, dûr-] [noun Hinduism, Buddhism]: Essential quality, virtue or character, as of the universe or one’s own nature.

We are a close knit team of designers and developers who specialize in web, mobile and custom application development services. Our scale of services include design, user interface\user experience development, web development, mobile applications, rich internet applications, custom software, quality assurance and related services.

Our mantra is to delivery quality and cost-effective web and application development services while maintaining long term relationships with our clients. Our clients and their projects are the foundation of our business so its only natural that we create a true partnership with each client so that they are delighted and satisfied. Our client’s goals are our ambition. Our client’s imagination is our vision. Our client’s problems are the core of our solutions. We are technologists. We are designers. We are problem solvers.

Our Team


Accomplished senior technical product manager\executive with over 13 years of creating software products and managing technology product life cycles.


Has provided technology development and business consulting services for a diverse field of industries including; Fantasy Sports, Sports, E-Sports, Broadcast…


Microsoft Certified Professional with expertise in operational management, offshore development, project implementation, client interaction and delivery management.


A team player who holds an excellent track record of strong working relationships with clients, designers, and developers.

Our Process

Communication is king. Our client is our team member. These adages could not be more relevant here. Each client works with a Delivery Partner. This is true for the development of a small business website as well as a large product development initiative. Their job is to listen, learn, execute and deliver ROI for you quickly. You can expect robust communication to continue through every phase of the project as you and your Delivery Partner work together to create a solution that will be robust and effective.

  • Idea

  • Think

  • Plan

  • Design

  • Develop

  • Deliver

  • Well Done!

The Science of Estimation

Is accurate project estimation an art or a science? The most successful project estimation occurs when both art and science are blended together. Analogous Project Estimation... Bottom up Estimation... Function Point Analysis... Monte Carlo Simulations and Deltik Risk. With all of these techniques and nuances the Standish Group reports that only 32% of IT projects are estimated correctly. We are proud to say that our clients projects are not part of that 32%. We use (Pessimistic PERT) for estimation. The Pessimistic PERT formula calculates an Expected Case value that is using Best Case, Worst Case, and Most Likely Case scenarios. We sum the expected cases of all tasks to calculate an Implementation Sub-total. We then burden that value with 3 adjustable factors: Project Management, Testing and Bug Fixing.

The Dharma Process

Our customized SCRUM based development process adapts the broad principles of agile software development and apply them in a flexible, practical manner. This means using lean but focused designs and project management emphasizing short but frequent iterations. From the first conversation you will realize that process is part of our DNA. Soon after you will begin to realize the benefits of our specific mix of process improvement techniques. Most of our projects run on weekly development sprints and highly dependent on robust communication, attention to detail and engineering quality.

Best of Breed Solutions

We believe in using best of breed development frameworks and content management systems as the base of our development stack. This allows us to focus on our client’s needs, and project delivery without sacrificing engineering quality. By starting with the best development stack specialized features can create a competitive advantage which serves to cut costs, increase revenue and return on investment for our clients.

Kaizen = "Change for the Better"

Our focus to constant improvement cannot be allowed to stagnate. We must embrace change and learn from the future to come. New ideas that are consistent with the TechDharma way are always encouraged, evaluated, refined and adopted. Our team members seek out process gaps to close, efficiencies to create and ways to improve. Its simply our way.

“Kaizen means”, he said, “that even if you sweep the building, you always want to try to do a better job—and in a shorter time.”
− Masaaki Imai

Our Work

Our commitment to our clients and techknowledge is demonstrated in our work.