Allow TechDharma To Bowl You Over With Its .NET Core Development Services

At TechDharma, we pride ourselves on our Microsoft .Net Core development services products. We build easy-to-use desktop and web applications and related business solutions for a range of clients. Our developers tailor-make high-end applications using integrating .net core with SharePoint, Orchard CMS, WPF, WinForms, MVC, ASP.NET Core using C#.

We’ll use our Microsoft .NET core development services to build feature-rich apps for your business

Our team of developers at TechDharma will use .NET Core technology and SQL server to help clients develop rich business applications and customize, integrate and extend .NET-based products. Our advanced knowledge of the stages of Software Development Life Cycle(SDLC) and tech expertise and quality control helps us build futuristic applications tailor-made to your preference with performance fine-tuning capabilities.

TechDharma is experienced in developing .NET  and .Net Core applications which are feature-rich and help clients across industries. Additionally .NET Core has an inherent capability for integration with other languages and applications to create a medium which enables all the components to interact amongst themselves. Some of the .NET Core services that we provide are legacy application porting ASP.NET Core development, Windows Azure development, Windows desktop development, Windows Store apps development, .NET migration, .NET mobile development, .NET products based customization, .NET web services and windows services development, .NET maintenance and support, Web application testing and WPF/WCF/WF development.

Why consider .NET development services?

.Net Core performs well, is open source and platform independent. The .NET Core framework has an extensive API set and programming model which enables the creation of business models which work according to your wishes. It doesn’t matter what your business context is, whether its public or private cloud or even client devices such as smartphones and desktops.

The ASP.NET Core development services you need

At TechDharma, our team of developers is experienced in creating large-scale ASP.NET web apps and high-performing ASP.NET web applications which incorporate latest ASP.NET Core version.

We also provide .NET desktop application development services

Yes, you read that right. TechDharma’s team of developers can develop Windows GUI applications, Windows Smart Clients apps using Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows console application and Windows Store Apps for Windows 8.

…And .NET apps for mobile

TechDharma is adept at making apps for iOS, Android using Xamarin. We’ve created mobile apps for iOS and Android which provide a seamless user experience and make for a tactful and effective solution.

.NET Core application migration? TechDharma’s got you covered!

If you have an existing web application or legacy that you want migrated into .NET Core, TechDharma will do it for you. In fact, if you want your .NET based app to be transferred to another technology, we will do that too. All you gotta do is give us a head's up, and we'll be there to pick up on your wishes.

Customization of .NET based products

Need .NET Core based product integration, customization, and integration? Let our development team handle it. We'll also provide .NET data management solution development along with reporting and analysis.

TechDharma is your best bet when it comes to .net core development services!

Look no further, if you have any .net core development needs, write in to TechDharma at [email protected] or ring us at 818-306-3660. We’ll provide you the .net development service you want, how you want it – all at an affordable pricing. We assure you of the quality of our services and products. Any maintenance required post- project delivery is on us.

Our Work

Our commitment to our clients and techknowledge is demonstrated in our work.