Node.Js Vs. PHP: Which Environment Is Perfect For Your Next Project?

PHP and Node.js are the powerful options for building websites; they are built around various architectures and concepts. As the app owner, you should consider different factors related to these two environments.

What Is PHP?

PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is the common scripting language and now become the favorite choice for web developers and it is the effective choice for content management systems such as Joomla, WordPress, Drupal. To reach great success with ease you must Hire PHP Developer, the experts allow you to understand all the factors related to PHP.

PHP Prons

  • Rich Code Base
  • Designed for the Web
  • Portable and Effective Solution

PHP Cons

  • Designed for the Web
  • Outdated Client-Server Model

What Is Node.Js?

JavaScript is the most effective scripting language and comes with powerful options. In general, it runs in the browser at the same time also makes web pages dynamic as well as more interactive. Overall, Node.js is a development and also considered as the runtime environment with different frameworks. On the other hand node.js also becomes the most powerful as well as possible to perform asynchronous coding along with JavaScript. Now you can Hire Node js Developer for your project development with a different framework that allows you to reach successful positions.

Node JS Prons

  • Outdated and less effective Client-Server Model
  • One Language in the Stack
  • Flexibility

Node JS Cons

  • Less Efficient and functionalities while handling CPU-intensive Applications
  • Lack of Maturity

Major Differences: Php Vs Node.Js

  • Both are powerful server-side technologies but you can find few differences between a PHP and Node.js.
  • PHP utilized multi-threaded and help to carry out multiple tasks without any delay. Even it uses a few tricks. PHP is a mature language and also has its own way to achieve asynchronous processing.
  • First of all, PHP is simpler than node js, while setting up a file you need to do is a “.php” file and need to enter URL into your browser. Alternatively, in Node.js server, it requires more lines of code, at the same time you need to have an understanding of how closures, as well as callback functions, work.
  • JavaScript and PHP embedded directly into HTML. PHP is readily straightforward to install because it is powered by the Zend engine. On the other hand, Node.js is a runtime environment on the server side and it is powered by Google’s V8 JavaScript engine.
  • JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) is a lightweight data and this also gives Node.js an edge while it comes to deal with JSON. When PHP can work with JSON then it is also more situational.

When Should You Use PHP or Node.Js?

Both node Js and PHP are the back-end technologies, in general, Node.js can offer an advantage when you have JavaScript technology stack across the front as well as backends. When it comes to choosing between the back-end technologies the node js is highly helpful.

You should hire a PHP Development Company when your project involves

  • Servers such as Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, Postgresql, SQL, MariaDB etc
  • CMS’s like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal etc
  • Software stacks including LAMP stack etc

You just hire the Node.js Development Company when your project involves

  • Front-end technologies such as jQuery, Ember.js, AngularJS, Backbone.js, ReactJS
  • Dynamic single page applications
  • Software stacks including MEAN stack etc


Both PHP and Node.js comes with its good and bad parts so you should make the right choice by getting proper knowledge of both environments’ architectures. In general, Node.js is perfect for RTA. Overall, Node.js is also suitable for applications and highly flexible. Node.js also support server-side events, overall it is also easy to implement pub-sub. Node.js is simple and also easier to implement web services. PHP is a good choice for creating customizable blogs when it comes to choosing Node.js and PHP, you must consider what type of application you are going to build, even pay close attention to hosting requirements. If your client needs a standardized solution you just go for PHP. Node.js is perfect for RTAs.