Payment Processing

At TechDharma, we understand the role convenience plays in a purchase. The customer wants to have a range of payment options available to them.

Streamline your payment processing with TechDharma

When you’re running a business online, payment processing should be the last of your worries. You have enough on your plate already besides having to also worry about whether customer transactions are being carried out seamlessly. In order to make any profit, you need to ensure that the checkout process for the sale of your products is error-free and smooth. If the procedure happens to be too complicated, your customer may not proceed to go ahead with it. Your loss will end up to be somebody else’s gain. All because you didn’t hire an experienced payment processing service provider like TechDharma.

Pay anyway you want

At TechDharma, we understand the role convenience plays in a purchase. The customer wants to have a range of payment options available to them. If they do not have sufficient balance in their credit card, they’d like to use their debit card. If their debit card is declined for any reason, they’d choose to pay via mobile wallet. In order to retain your customer, you must provide them with these different payment options so they can choose the one they’re most comfortable with. TechDharma not only offer credit and debit card payment processing but also mobile wallet, mobile payment, and e-banking facilities. If one way doesn’t work, they can always opt for another! We’ll make your customers spoilt for choice and why not.

Your payments are secure with us

We take your customer’s safety and security as top priority when we offer you our payment processing services. There are enough safeguards in place to protect any sensitive information that may need protecting in the transaction process. You do not need to be wary of data theft. No hacker or malware will be able to seize your data while we’re protecting it. You can rest in peace.

We’ll authorize the payment too

Say your customer chooses to pay with a credit/debit card, the payment gateway we design will work to authorize whether their card can be used to make the payment. Oh! And we’ll also present you with real-time reports of whether your transaction has been successful or not. You no longer have to worry about unnecessary chargebacks and payment errors. Now, doesn’t this sound like a good deal?

Leave your payment processing with TechDharma

No, really. Just write to us at [email protected] or call us at (818) 306-3660 and tell us how you’d like your payment processing portal to be designed. We will take care of the rest. TechDharma is a one-stop shop for any and all of your tech solution needs. We do not care if you are a small-time business owner or an industry bigwig, we'll enjoy doing business with you all the same. We will provide you quality payment processing services at an affordable price. Trust us, and you won't regret it. We can assure you that you will keep coming back for more.

Currently, we are operating out of India, Canada, Mexico, and Los Angeles. You may drop into our office at any of these locations. TechDharma offers you a 30-minute free consultation on the product/service you want us to develop for you. We are all ears. Share your vision and ideas with us, and we will work hard to turn it into a reality.

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