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TechDharma has experience in working with non-profits and understands the worth of your budget. Hand us your budget, and we will work around it to present you with the best ROI.

TechDharma has just the right technology solutions for your non-profit!

Do you run a non-profit organization and need IT solutions to strengthen your operations? TechDharma is here to help! Technology will significantly improve your not-for-profit's service delivery, outreach, communication, and fundraising processes. Unlike other professional sectors, non-profits do not take to technological solutions very easily. However, you can stand to benefit a lot from leveraging up and coming technologies in cloud computing, mobile apps, social media, and web development. We can align your social objective with the tech solutions we design to give your non-profit the social recognition it deserves.

We’ll work with your budget to deliver the best results possible

TechDharma has experience in working with non-profits and understands the worth of your budget. Hand us your budget, and we will work around it to present you with the best ROI. We will better your operations for you, so you can concentrate on your cause and winning people over to fight this cause.

Rely on us for your technical upkeep

Run your non-profit without a worry. When you engage TechDharma into your service, we keep your programs, software and IT infrastructure up-to-date. Also, we provide managed IT services for any technical support that you may require.

Reach out to more people now with TechDharma

You can’t think of technology solutions for non-profits and not think of TechDharma. A non-profit needs funding and how does it obtain this funding? Via social outreach. TechDharma’s web development and SEO services will ensure that not only is your website easily found but also receives a steady rush of traffic.

What more can you expect?

TechDharma can provide you with a host of technology solutions for your non-profits. Want a mobile-app developed? We got it. Need a platform to enable online funding? Sure, we’ll get to work. Require back-end systems to assess performance and generate reports? No cause for concern. Just ring us up at (818) 306-3660 or write in at [email protected] . We have offices in Los Angeles, India, Canada, and Mexico. You can choose to walk into any depending on their geographical location.

Continued user-engagement

Be it social media marketing, e-mail marketing or simply keeping your users engaged on the website with games and contests, TechDharma will make sure that your users never get bored and leave. Mass-mailing, subscriber management to even drawing up a rewards system to retain your audience – we’ve got it all sorted. Trust us with the tech aspects of running your NGO and worry about the social issues of your concern instead.

Why choose TechDharma?

Is that even a question to ask anymore? TechDharma realizes like any other organization, and your non-profit has certain technological needs too. Sure, you may not be very keen on outsourcing these tasks to a third-party but believe us when we say, we'll take personal care in optimizing your business processes. Carry on with your social outreach and fundraising and let us take care of the rest. We will craft you the website of your dreams and design you mobile apps to drive user engagement. All your software and programs will be regularly updated, and you needn't worry about the tech aspect of running your organization at all. We take our job very seriously and would love to give back to the society by working with a non-profit like yours!

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